We have a brand new overhead crane.

It's a 16 tones double grinder, with two Stahl hoists of 8 tones each, equipped with its own weighing scale

Since September 2018, for programming our CNC machines we're using SolidWorks Professional 2018 CAD-CAM software

Since September 2018, for programming our CNC machines we're using SolidWorks Professional 2018 CAD-CAM software

We are improving the quality and reducing the production times

Starting July 2018 we are working with increased efficiency in the mechanical assembly workshop. We are being helped by our new welding/assembly table SIEGMUND with functional sizes of 6000x2000mm.
The threadings are made in a shorter time with high quality standards, thanks to the new ROSCAMAT 400 pneumatic threading machine.

Increasing production capacity!

Dear Partners!

FIVEX SRL announces the acquisition of a new CNC Vertical Machining Center - VECTOR 650M.
Our new asset, is ready to work from the beginning of April 2018 and will lead to an increase of our CNC Department Production capacity by 510 h/month for small/medium series of small/medium parts/subassemblies.
This new center, constitutes only the first step of our large investment project, whose implementation we´ve started this year.
Through this project, FIVEX aims on the one hand to streghten the current business partnerships and on the other hand, to start & develop sustainable partnerships with new business partners.
Our strategic approach is to focus on a strong customer orientation, a stable european presence and continously investments in our production capacities.

The presence of FIVEX at MIDEST 2018 - a real success

The year 2018 was a real challenge for the FIVEX delegation, as the integration of MIDEST into the GLOBAL INDUSTRIE event led to an unexpected number of visitors and opportunities at the same time.
We take this opportunity to thank all those who honored us with the presence in the FIVEX stand.

FIVEX - Romania first time at ESEF Utrecht

Always scouting new opportunities for Romanian industry. This time it’s the Netherlands!
Until 23rd of March we are waiting for you at ESEF Utrecht industrial fair!

Kremlin Rexson electrostatic painting equipment

Our continuous process optimization strategy is one step ahead today, as we´ve just bought a new- Kremlin Rexson - ELECTROSTATIC painting equipment.
We already had a great quality in painting, now we have also timing on our side.
FIVEX is waiting for you to challenge its capabilities!

FIVEX arrives in NORVWAY

FIVEX, thanks the Norwegian authorities for their warm welcome and for their availability to straighten and develop the business partnership between Norway and Romania, to our mutual benefit.
We look forward to welcome you in Romania as well!

Translation of the article:

"Want more trade with Romania

To the left the deputy mayor Jørgen Kristiansen, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Anita S. Dietrichson and Mr Razvan Rebedea from Romania.

Chamber of Commerce recently met Romanian Mr. Razvan Rebedea and deputy chairman Jørgen Kristiansen in Kristiansand municipality. Rebedea owns FIVEX company in Carbunesti and wants more trade with Norwegian and Southern Norwegian businesses.

- We have experience on the Norwegian market and have delivered steel structures for Follo line tunnel, where we collaborated with three other players. I hope we can get more cooperation in Norway and Norwegian companies, and we will be happy to meet with businesses in Kristiansand region to look at the possibilities for deliveries and cooperation, says Razvan Rebedea, owner of the company FIVEX in Carbunesti, Romania.

The company has more than 50 years experience in manufacturing metal and supplies products to several different industries.

- We can supply to the oil industry, crane industry, ship manufacturing, and much more, is telling Mr. Rebedea, who plans another visit to Kristiansand in the summer. During this visit, it was Deputy Chairman Jørgen Kristiansen who showed him around.

- I think there may be more opportunities here for companies from Kristiansand, for example in the oil service industry. Today we´ve obtained a fair amount of steel work from Germany, while in reality produced in Romania. Direct trade with Romania should be able to provide a certain gain, believes Kristiansen.

Anita S. Ditrichson, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce in the Kristiansand region, will be happy to facilitate a meeting between industry and fivex.

- When Rebedea returns in the summer we are open to set up a meeting between him and the relevant companies, says Ditrichson.


Fivex has 50 years of experience in metalworking, Mechanical engineering, metallurgy, structures and parts of buildings are their specialty
Has among others delivered parts for the Follo Line Tunnel "


Dear Partners,

FIVEX team awaits you this year at MIDEST- Paris between 06-09.12.2016, in the Romanian Pavilion, Hall 6, Stand G205, between 09.00-18.00.

The newest certifications and authorizations

To be constantly up to the expectations of our partners, to develop new partnerships, but also in order to always raise the quality standards and performance of its own products and services, FIVEX SRL obtained new certifications in welding metal structures as follows:
- Certificate of Conformity of the factory production control according to EN 1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2011; SR EN 1090-1 + A1: 2012 under system 2+ by SRAC;
- Certificate of Qualification of the welding procedure, according to EN ISO 15614-1: 2004 + A2: 2012 by Bureau Veritas.

Conveyor Belt Bridges  2015-2016 & continues

FIVEX understood in due time, the importance of increasing the international economic integration and acted accordingly adopting a pro-European perspective and opening its doors to foreign partners.

Therefore, along with a German partner reliable and proactive FIVEX is part since 2015 in a vast multinational project involving several companies from Romania, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Italy. The project entails the construction of bridges conveyors, and other adjacent elements so far amounted to more than 1000 tons of welded construction.

The quality standards of these products are of the highest therefore are subject to regular inspections, either from an accredited body such as BV or from a certified inspector.

Partnership FIVEX - University "Constantin Brancusi Târgu Jiu" - 2015 Student Internship

FIVEX is constantly preoccupied with the social impact its activities have on the local community. Thus, besides other various collaborations with the University "Constantin Brancusi" in 2015, final years students in the Faculty of Engineering, have done internships in the Machining Department of FIVEX SRL.


FIVEX attended the 2013 and 2014 editions of HANNOVER MESSE, along with 20 other Romanian companies in the Romanian Pavilion.
Each participation was a win for FIVEX, both by finding new business partners with which we have initiated sustainable collaborations, as well as by strengthening collaborative relationships with Romanian companies participating.

We thank both organizers and participants in the exhibition!


For 3 years, this FIVEX at MIDEST was a success. I have evolved a lot in these three years, learning from each participant has to offer better services you.
We thank the organizers, and all our visitors!

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