Mechanical Operations

FIVEX performs the following types of machining:

A. Turning
- CNC: Max Ø 465mm, max L1100mm
- Conventional: max Ø800mm , max L 2500mm

B. Milling
- CNC max x / y / z: 1035 / 560 / 510mm
- conventional max x / y / x: 1000/1000/1000 mm

C. Surface grinding: max L 1000mm, max 250 l, h max 350

Complex Metal Structures

FIVEX performs complex metal fabrications:

A. Cutting sheet metal
- Computed:
         - Plasma: 15 x ≠ L max 6000mm, 2500mm l max;
           oxygaz: ≠ L max 120 x 6000mm, 2500mm max l
- Manually oxyfuel and plasma
B. cutting saws alternative / continuous: max Ø 350mm
C. Welding high-tech synergic MIG / MAG
D. Bending metal sheet conventional abkant: L 1000mm x 5mm max #
E. Rolling metal sheet on the calender: max # 20mm x L2000mm
F. Profiling hydraulic press sheet metal with 200 tones

Coating of metal surfaces

Fivex carries out treatment and coating of metal surfaces.

A. Metal blasting with metal shots for parts of 14000x2000x2000 mm maximum size
B. Metallization of metal structures by depositing molten metal material or nickel, aluminum, copper, steel (including stainless steel), Monel, Inconel alloys, through an electric arc. The maximum size of structures 14000x2000x2000mm
C. Liquid painting for metal structures with maximum dimensions of 14000x2000x2000mm
D. Electrostatic painting

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