The history of FIVEX begins in 1960 when a series of workshops were establishes on the current site of the plant. Then, the production was intended to various industries. Casting metals was the main activity, but soon the need for processing appeared. Thus emerged new departments specialized in mechanical processing and metal welding and the workshops developed into a real size plant.

In the last years, new financial, trade and investment strategies resulted in a modern factory with flexible and competitive production workflow. FIVEX is equipped with modern equipment and competitive from leading industry manufacturers as DMG MORI SEIKI-for mechanical engineering branch, Kasto, Kaeser Compressor, SAF-FRO for cutting and welding, Straaltechniek for covering surfaces.

Today, these activities are performed within plant:
- Automatic Cutting (plasma and oxygaz), mechanical and manual
- Classical and CNC Machining
- Mechanical welding
- ELECTROSTATIC & Liquid spray painting
- Assembly and installation on site
- Repair and Maintenance

Currently, our products are mainly oriented towards the industries: automotive, mining, energy, logistics, aerospace, oil and gas, shipbuilding, chemical and metalworking.

Our technical capabilities and flexible production flow allowed us to qualify as supplier for important European companies from countries like: France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Netherlands, Norway and Luxembourg.


FIVEX is concerned with the continuous improvement of the quality of  the products and services  offered to its partners. To this respect over the years, were implemented the following certifications:
- Quality Management System certification according to ISO 9001: 2015, issued by GCSM;
- Environmental Management System certification according to ISO 14001: 2015, issued by GCSM;
- Health and Safety System certification, according to OHSAS 18001: 2008, issued by GCSM.

FIVEX SRL has also certified its welding activity, as follows:
- Certificate of Conformity of the factory production control according to EN 1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2011; SR EN 1090-1 + A1: 2012 under system 2+ by SRAC;
- Certificate of Qualification of the welding procedure, according to EN ISO 15614-1: 2004 + A2: 2012 by Bureau Veritas.

Qualified personnel in accordance with EN ISO 9606-1: 2014 by BV, carries out its activity under the supervision of the welding department coordinator who is authorized SR EN ISO 14731.

FIVEX SRL is also specialized in the fabrication and installation of railway constructions, under the AFER authorization and agreement:
- Railway technical agreement, AT Serie, Nr. 155/2016 for "steel structures, including those for resistance, designed for the constructions from the railway stations (platforms, canopies, ramps for loading and unloading, piers, walkways)";
- Railway technical agreement, AT Serie, Nr. 387/2016 for "constructions - installation of confections and metallic structures, including structures of resistance, for railway infrastructure";
- Authorization for railway provider, AF Serie, Nr. 6926, for the supply of products and / or critical railway services:
      - Construction and assembly for confections and steel constructions, including resistance structures, for railway infrastructure, except bridges and metal railroad footbridges;
      - Confections and steel structures, including resistance structures, for constructions from railway stations - platforms, canopies, loading / unloading ramps, piers, walkways.


The evolution of our business is valued and renowned both locally and nationally. We managed to achieve, in our line of business, the following results, at the national level: in 2002- 11th place, in 2003 - 5th place, in 2004 - 2nd place, in 2005 - 3rd place, in 2006 - 2nd place, in 2007 - 3rd place, in 2008 - 2nd place.

In 2007, the Gorj County Chamber of Commerce and Industry has granted the FIVEX company with the "Excellence Distinction"


FIVEX total surface has 25 000 square meters, of which the production workshops cover an area of 5 000 square meters, including specific constructions and is equipped with its own gas station and its own secondary electric cell. Another, 7 000 square meters are currently under construction.
In its activity, fivex uses the following equipments:
10 to portal cranes
5 to overhead cranes
Mechanical and alternative saws
Cnc cutting machine with oxy-fuel and plasma
Portable cutting machine
Mig/mag welding machines
Welding inverters
Welding generators
Welding installations
100 to bending & cutting machine
80 to guillotine
Three roll plate rolls # 20 mm
Vertical drilling machines
Radial drilling machine
Coordinate drilling machine
Plasma nitrided welding and fixure table 6000x2000mm
Pneumatic threading machine
Cnc and conventional milling machines
Cnc and conventional lathes
Planning grinding machines
Blasting facility
Metallization facility
Electrostatic painting facility
100 to vertical press
80 to hydraulic jacks
Various hand tools, grinders, drilling machines
Cranes, front wheel loaders
Trucks, vans
Electrostatic painting

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